Solar Farm Developer (ISS) just closed JV w/ VIVO on 1.8GW Portfolio of Projects
Monday, Apr 24, 2017
Innovative Solar Systems, an Asheville, NC large scale developer of Solar Farms here in the United States has just announced a Joint Venture deal with VIVO Power that closed this week and includes the full development of 37 Utility Scale Solar Farm projects which total 1.8GW's. The projects are being developed across key states in the U.S. and this is the first of many new JV's to come between VIVO and ISS that could amount to over 5GW's of yearly projects claims Innovative Solar Systems CEO John E Green. ISS and VIVO have a rather lengthy past relationship and stellar track record together in both developing and building large scale Solar Farm projects and this new partnership will take things to entirely new level as both entities become Global Leaders in the development, design and build of Utility Scale Solar Farms.

Innovative Solar Systems has quickly become known as the Gold Standard for Solar Farm Development, design and build services here in the US. ISS now has a revolving pipeline of approximately 200 large scale Solar Farm projects per year totaling over 10GW's. The company now only partners with very large, financially strong entities that can secure, finance and build very large blocks of projects, typically more than 500MW's. The days of ISS selling off one or two singular projects to buyers are over states the companies CFO, MR. Craig Sherman. Innovative Solar Systems has a proprietary business sales model and new clients must buy and perform on minimum blocks of 300MW (AC) portfolios of projects or larger to become a new client with ISS. The quality and returns on Solar Farm projects developed by ISS are unmatched in the Solar Industry. Investors and JV partners of ISS have all stated the same thing multiple times; "ISS is the Only Game in Town when it comes to Utility Scale Solar Farm Development, Design and Build Services".

So exactly why is Innovative Solar Systems the best at Solar Farm Development here in the US? The answer is rather simple; 1) Better project locations, 2) Better project sites, 3) Better project designs, 4) Better Energy Yields  4) Better PPA Rates, 5) Lower Cost of construction through strategic EPC relationship, 6) Lower overall cost of ownership through reduction in key bottom line components like O&M and taxes. Innovative Solar Systems is the leader in US Solar Farm development and has been for many years now and continues to now rank as the #1 Developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms in the US. ISS will be closing its new client list soon so time is of the essence for any entity wishing to become a solid and ongoing partner w/ ISS like VIVO Power as mentioned in this release. ISS offers the Sale of Solar Farm projects at Early Stage, Shovel Ready, NTP and COD. Call us today for pricing and terms.

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