Empire Oil & Gas confirms a new light oil play encountered by Red Gully-North-1 discovery
Friday, Mar 10, 2017
  • Initial laboratory analysis of test samples has indicated that the C sand discovery is a volatile (light) oil with associated gas. Further analysis is underway to determine commerciality.
  • This oil discovery in the Upper Cattamara C sand opens up a new light oil play in EP 389 and PL 18/PL 19, close to Empire’s existing production hub.
  • The RGN-1 test produced 1,050 bbls of oil which will be sold under the existing Red Gully Field commercial terms.
  • Extended production test planning underway to book reserves at Red Gully North-1.

Perth Basin domestic gas producer Empire Oil & Gas has provided an update on the Red Gully North-1 (RGN-1) data analysis and it’s future plans following the well-test program completed in January 2017.

An analysis of the hydrocarbons extracted from the C sand during the flow test of RGN-1 has confirmed that the hydrocarbons are a volatile light oil.

The overall size of the C sand oil resource will be assessed on completion of the reservoir fluid study in early April 2017. Empire is currently planning to commence an Extended Production Test (EPT) in Q3 2017 which, if successful, will enable Empire to book oil reserves for the field. Initial analysis indicates that the EPT will be revenue positive based on the sale of oil. Empire’s existing condensate customer has recently agreed to purchase the 1,050 barrels of oil produced from the C sand test completed in January 2017. Empire have started negotiations for the sale of oil produced during the planned EPT.

Assuming adequate reserves are established, Empire will commence commercial production at RGN-1, either as a standalone operation or tied back into Empire’s Red Gully Production Facility.

Empire has completed a log analysis on RGN-1 based on oil parameters indicating a P90 net 5m of oil pay with greater than 9% porosity.

Empire is also initiating a review of historical data over the C sand in previously drilled wells to determine if there is overlooked oil potential within Empire’s existing acreage portfolio, particularly northern EP 389. The results of this study will be available in Q2 2017.

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