Gas Bright Spot: Texas natural gas flowed and continues to flow uninterrupted throughout Hurricane Harvey
Monday, Sep 04, 2017
Hurricane Harvey packed a huge punch, and Texans staggered, but did not fall, says Freedom CNG, Houston Metro's compressed natural gas fuel provider (CNG). The Texas Gulf Coast and parts of Louisiana were devastated by this storm, while first responders, friends, neighbors, out of state volunteers, complete strangers and now donations came to the rescue. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! As we continue the recovery process the effects on our community are daunting; the cleanup, the assessment and rebuilding begins.

Our oil production platforms and refineries have been negatively impacted by Harvey causing fuel shortages and price increases across Texas and beyond. But there is a huge bright spot: Texas natural gas abundance, durability and usability. Texas is #3 in the world in natural gas production, and throughout the storm, pipeline operators have provided an uninterrupted supply to all affected areas. Pipeline integrity provided Texas with the ability to use natural gas to produce power, cook, generate hot water and provide transportation fuel to light and heavy duty vehicles across the state.

The State of Texas has over 150 natural gas stations that have had supply throughout the event. The price is extremely stable and no shortages have been reported. Freedom CNG, for example, was fueling METRO transit buses, Houston Distributing Trucks, Waste Corporation garbage trucks, AT&T service vehicles and many other fleets right here in Houston. When the power went out, on-site back-up generators ensured that our customers would receive critical fuel for their vehicles. Our hats are off to Texas natural gas producers and pipeline companies for keeping Texas' clean fuel flowing to all.

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