Greenwell Energy Solutions’ G-Terminator™ well stimulation service turns ZK petroleum’s non-producing well into a 22 bbl/day well
Thursday, Feb 07, 2013

Greenwell Energy Solutions (Greenwell), an independent specialty provider of proprietary-blended chemicals and custom-designed containment solutions, announced today the results of its G Terminator™ well stimulation service deployed for ZK Petroleum Company, LLC (ZK Petroleum). Prior to using the G-Terminator, production at ZK Petroleum’s Frio well had declined from its initial rate of 18-20 barrels per day (bbl/day) in 2005 to zero production in May 2012 and has remained shut-in for the last seven months. After deploying the G-Terminator, production reached 22 bbl/day, and is still increasing. With the increase in production, payback for the G-Terminator was less than 30 days.

“We tried chemical and hot oil treatments but they only had a minimal effect”

Greenwell’s G-Terminator combines its custom-blended chemicals with a proprietary-designed oscillation tool that opens perforations cost-effectively. It restores and increases the conductivity of formations by removing scale, migrating fines, paraffin, drilling mud, asphaltenes and other debris.

ZK Petroleum operates leases domestically and internationally, including more than 90 wells within the Frio Deep-Seated Salt Dome fields. The Frio wells have heavy paraffin and iron sulfite scale build-up, significantly reducing, and in some cases, halting production all together.

“The results of Greenwell’s G-Terminator have significantly exceeded our expectations,” said Parvez Sheikh, managing director of ZK Petroleum. “After deploying the service, production came back on line at rates above levels when we first drilled the well years ago. And we keep seeing improvements. Nearly every 10 days, production is increasing by roughly a barrel. We are deploying the stimulation service to another three wells immediately.”

“Our customers need a quick and effective means to increase production,” said Peter Shaper, chairman and CEO of Greenwell. “We worked closely with ZK Petroleum to understand why their production had declined. By analyzing their buildup and testing it in our third-party labs, we were able to implement a custom solution we knew would decrease wellbore blockage.”

The G-Terminator addresses the most common blockage obstacles faced during pre-frac and post-frac completions and production. While alternative solutions, such as jet nozzles and high velocity tools bypass blockage, the G-Terminator completely removes materials. It gently breaks up wellbore damage and enhances the native permeability found in formations. Additionally, case studies prove it has higher productivity rates, both in the short-term and long-term, compared to using chemicals alone.

Source: Business Wire

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