John Crane introduces high-temperature Fiberod® fiberglass sucker rod for upstream oil production
Thursday, Jan 31, 2013

John Crane Production Solutions, Inc. (JCPS), a subsidiary of John Crane, has announced the introduction of a high-temperature Fiberod® fiberglass sucker rod used for upstream oil production in shale fields where customers operate in extreme high temperatures. This technology evolved from the original light-weight fiberglass rod introduced by the company more than 20 years ago and now used in many of the world’s largest oil fields. The high-temperature rod provides an energy efficient option for use in difficult conditions, where customers previously used heavy and more costly pumping units.

Duncan Gillis, President and CEO of John Crane, said: “Shale fields will continue to be a significant and viable energy source used to meet growing energy demands. We developed this new technology so the extreme temperatures that can be found in shale field production would not be a barrier to entry for our customers. In addition to meeting their requirements for reliability, the new rod will meet expectations for environmental management practices.”

The new fiberglass sucker rod is corrosion-resistant and has a resin matrix that can withstand well temperatures of up to 285 degrees Fahrenheit. It is used in many oil and natural gas fields across Texas, California and North Dakota in the U.S. They are used, for instance, in the Eagle Ford shale field in south Texas, one of the largest active shale fields in the world. Operators have produced over 4,000 barrels of oil a day, and collectively, the operations have contributed close to 40,000 jobs in the surrounding area.

Source: Business Wire

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