Mira 6/2 gas production passes 840,000 scf/d
Monday, Mar 12, 2018
➢ Mira 6/2 horizontal-vertical Pilot well maintains strong upward gas production trend
➢ Climbing gas rate supports significance of recent large reserves & resources upgrade
➢ Horizontal production wells likely to have significantly greater length in-seam

Comet Ridge Limited (ASX:COI) is pleased to advise the gas flow rate from the Mira 6/2 vertical-horizontal combination pilot well continues to climb toward 1,000,000 scf/d ( approximately 1TJ/d)– confirming it as the best performing gas producer in Central Queensland’s Mahalo Block.

Managing Director Mr Tor McCaul said gas production from the Mira 6/2 well combination had just passed 840,000 scf/d (standard cubic feet per day) and was still rising.

“Production from this well continues to exceed our expectations, reducing the implied capital cost of developing the Mahalo Gas Project,” Mr McCaul said.

Mr McCaul said although the bottomhole pressure in Mira 6/2 had been steadily reducing, there was still significant further scope for gas production at Mira to continue climbing.

“Given the scale of the recent Comet Ridge 2P and 3P reserves certification, we believe the Mahalo Block is likely to be developed using similar horizontal wells, but with significantly greater in-seam lengths
through the coal,” he said.

The Mira 6/2 combination and three vertical wells (Mira 3, 4 & 5) continue to actively dewater the Mira Pilot Scheme.

The Mahalo project is located approximately 240km west of Gladstone in the southern Bowen Basin. The Project is close to infrastructure with pipeline connections to the Gladstone domestic and LNG market a short distance to both the west and south of the two pilot schemes.

Equity participants in ATP 1191 Mahalo Coal Seam Gas are Comet Ridge Mahalo Pty Ltd (40%), Australia Pacific LNG Pty Ltd (30%) and Santos QNT Pty Ltd (30%).

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