Significant reserves confirmed at the Kharbeyskoye Field
Friday, Nov 03, 2017
PAO NOVATEK has announced a significant increase in reserves of natural gas, gas condensate and crude oil as a result of exploration works performed in 2017 at the Kharbeyskoye field located in the Tazovskiy District of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region.
Upon testing of the exploration well #305, a flow of oil was received from the BT12 layer with an initial flow rate of 90 cubic meters per day on a 10 mm choke, thereby confirming the existence of significant commercial crude oil reserves. As a result of the exploration works, the field’s hydrocarbon reserves are preliminary estimated at 220 billion cubic meters of natural gas and more than 40 million tons of crude oil (recoverable reserves) according to the Russian reserve classification ABC1+C2.
Exploration wells #306 and #307 targeting the Jurassic layers are currently being drilled, and the results of drilling and testing are expected in the nearest future.

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